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Complement Recruitment have been one of the most seamless and responsive recruitment agencies I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. In the Automotive industry, we can never seem to find a Recruiter who understands our technical supply chain requirements. Since our first meeting, Candice has since turned our recruitment process into a reactive and enjoyable process. Her candidates are of exceptional quality and direct industry experience. I would recommend Complement Recruitment if you wish to turn your recruitment and talent search around with an implicit & driven approach from Candice. – HR Generalist

Candice and her Team are the complete solution we were looking for when it comes to staffing and personnel. Driven by communication, clarity and professionalism at every stage. Available at all times, conflict resolution & offering the complete “marriage” between employer & employee, we prefer an applicant’s character / suitability over certifications in our business, Candice has never got it wrong, even when we are unsure, she showcases & highlights the applicant’s capability, before we or the candidate are aware it is the ideal fit long term, she really is committed to fighting for all sides of the spectrum, her candidate, and us her trusting client. – HR Director

Complement Recruitment have transformed our attitude when liaising with staffing & recruitment agencies. Our HR Department is hesitant to deal with a new vendor as one can imagine; however, Candice has proven to have an implausible eye for talent & the crucial candidate / company fit. She is highly efficient, proactive, maintains communication in all stages of the hiring process, & is always a pleasure to work with, even after hours & on weekends. We can discuss a position over the phone, without forwarding a job description, and Candice knows exactly what to look for. In my 18 years in the Human Resources & Talent Recruitment fields, Candice is one of the most diverse, fervent & resourceful people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

We won’t be needing another Recruiter for our business as Candice is just that, an invaluable, outsourced “Complement” for our Team.” – Senior Human Resources & Talent Manager

As Head of Human Resources at a medium-large sized manufacturing company, I worked closely with Candice to fill strategic leadership and technical positions. The technical and scarce skills specifications of our unique business proved challenging to find candidates who met both the technical and cultural fit to our business. Candice became a trusted business partner seeking clarification on vacancy requirements and providing input on the skills and resource trends in the market. As a result, the ratio of candidates presented per successful placement was significantly reduced minimizing cost and effort of placement and supporting successful achievement of the strategic objectives of the business. In my 15 years of consulting experience across industries I have learnt the importance maintaining partnerships with dedicated professionals and therefore will continue to engage Candice’s services in future.” – Chief HR & Talent Officer

Complement Recruitment are a breath of fresh air! No mess, no fuss. Honest, Focused, Forthcoming, and we formed a genuine partnership. A candidate we employed even remarked on his first day of induction assuring us from his side, Candice was proficient, sincere and went above and beyond continuously for him. She really takes the entire, often lengthy process, and everyone involved into account. This is the representation we want in colleagues, candidates and business partners. – HR Manager

Complement Recruitment has shown us that finding a new addition to the team can be an enjoyable process. Excellent customer service and attention to detail. Candice really understands the ethos of our brand.” – IT & Branding Manager

We battled for months to find the right person for our department, we used various agencies, but no one could find us what we were looking for. Complement Recruitment found us the epitome of the ideal candidate in record time. Candice stated she will not send a CV of someone she herself would not hire and in an industry that is saturated with “placement fees” over “suitable placements” her candor speaks volumes. The service is beyond exceptional,  Candice prides herself on integrity & we have complete trust in her capabilities. – HR & Talent Manager

Complement Recruitment always go above and beyond the call of duty for us, no job is too big or small. Candice is extremely resourceful, dedicated, and an avid professional at all times! We trust her & her team with the utmost respect & have developed a genuine friendship.” HR Director

Candice is always available, attentive, & meticulous. She knows exactly what we are looking for. The applicant’s we interview from Complement Recruitment fit our company values, have the team player attitude & work ethic we pride ourselves on. Whether candidates are coming through from out of town, or locals, Candice arranges everything & really streamlines the entire process for our line managers, & human resources department, taking so much pressure off our shoulders. A full-service agency like no other we have dealt with! – Regional Manager


After being employed by my company for the past 16 years, I decided to re-enter the job market in search of a new career opportunity. After applying for a position for which I felt I was a suitable candidate, I was contacted by Candice Macdougall of Complement Recruitment. After discussions & the relevant documents were provided, Candice contacted me to relay that I was successful in my application, & an interview was granted for the position. As I had been in my present position for so long, the idea of starting a new position was quite daunting, however Candice was professional throughout the process & addressed all my questions in a timeous manner & effectively. Of all the applications & interviews I have attended over the years; the biggest issue has been that most recruiters invite you for an interview and then never contact you again thereafter. In the interview process you are made to feel that you are perfect for the position & guaranteed feedback but then do not receive any responses afterwards, making you hesitant to apply for another possible position advertised. This was NOT the case with Candice Macdougall & Complement Recruitment. My experience with regards to our communications and the entire process in gaining this new opportunity has been pleasant and reassuring. I would like to thank Candice Macdougall once again and Complement Recruitment for their professional service & setting my mind at ease throughout this process and also for showing me that there are still Recruiters that are passionate about what they do and respond to the applicants. I recommend Candice Macdougall and Complement Recruitment for anyone that feels despondent in the job market and feels they have lost hope in the recruitment process. – Automotive Production Manager

I have been out of the Corporate Environment for 10 years due to various reasons and I wanted to get back into working world again. I approached Candice with my CV and she gave me quick feedback on how to improve my chances for new employment. She requested extra information and would then be able to put my CV forward to a well known manufacturing International Company. Within the same day she gave me feedback and I was requested for an interview. I was one of the two top candidates! Within 48 hrs I received word I got the position. Candice kept me in constant communication and without her professionalism and honesty, I would not have got this job. She truly is a Professional Recruitment Agent and would highly recommend her. – Executive Assistant to CEO

Candice has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have been on the job market for over 5 months and from every other recruiter I have dealt with, Candice has really changed my perception of recruiters. She went out of her way to secure this position I have now accepted. She even worked on weekends and responded to my messages and emails on days she was off sick. She was pleasant and encouraging during my interview process. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to deal with a recruiter with such professionalism and dedication to her candidates – BCom SAICA Accountant

Complement Recruitment is one of the best recruitment agencies I have dealt with in my career. Most agencies/recruiters request your documents & CV, get you as the job hunter / seeker excited about the position, & then we never hear anything from them again. With Complement Recruitment, I was taken aback that there are still professional’s out there that keep us updated on the next steps, before I even had to call & follow up. Great service, professional & always go the extra mile for candidates, first-hand experience! – Engineering Supervisor

Having been in a Human Resources position for many years, we deal with a variety of staffing & recruitment agencies and recruiter’s. When I applied for a HR Officer role, Candice responded to me within the same day of my application. Two days later, I met with her and our journey began. I found Candice to be friendly, professional, tactful, hands-on and asked the right questions. She was not going to submit my CV if the organisation’s culture and open vacancy was not what I was looking for, saving time for all parties involved. Her passion for people and recruitment is infectious, in an industry that most people do not understand how difficult it is. – HR Officer

Too often, recruiters only seem interested in their client’s requests, forgetting the needs of the candidates they are looking to fill a vacancy. Having applied for a position through the Complement Recruitment website, I received an “auto-responder” email, and I thought “Oh well, I won’t be hearing from them, my CV will never be seen”. My inner critic was shocked and humbled when Candice contacted me 2 days later asking for my documentation that the Auto-Responder email requested. We had a 30-minute conversation about the vacancy and general chit-chat. We discussed how a CV is just a presentation of the candidate, and an interview grants us the platform to really engage and interact with the potential employer. I felt a direct, sincere attitude from Candice after our discussion.

Two weeks later, Candice called me to say I have an interview with her client. Initially, they did not wish to interview me as my CV didn’t “fit” the profile, but Candice persevered, as she said she does. The rest is history. I started with the company a month later, and I have been with them for almost 8 months. Candice continues to keep in touch, as she said she would. A skilled, professional woman of her word, integrity and personable character. – Business Development Manager

My time spent hunting was a lengthy and unsuccessful one until I came across Complement Recruitment. Candice and her team set me up with an interview and although the recruitment process spanned, I’ve a few months due to the company. Candice’s quick response time and great management skills made the process a lot better. I would recommend Complement Recruitment to anyone that is looking for a job as their services are impeccable. – Engineer