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African’s Recruiting For Africa – Our Passion Projects

In global economic downturn, slowed or negative growth conditions, retrenchments and labour unrest, it is natural to assume reduced need for recruitment services. However, a Global Talent Management and Rewards Survey reported an increase in hiring, employee turnover and perceptions of fluidity of employment amongst employees[1]. Unfortunately employee perception of their employer’s recruitment and retention processes² is negative and demotivated or disengaged employees are looking for opportunities in companies opening their doors to the best and the brightest.

Resourceful companies are exploiting the positive consequence of changing economic global conditions:

  • Dissemination of global companies across sectors into previously unexplored locations and markets in Africa;
  • Introduction of new low cost products or alternative solutions into African markets;
  • Availability of talented corporate trained resources previously employed by large firms exploring alternative opportunities to grow their careers;
  • Skilled South Africans who have experienced life changing events enthusiastic to take up new challenges and apply their skills in Africa;
  • Return of African citizens with international experience and a global network who prioritise opportunities to develop skills and make a difference over salary as criteria for choosing jobs[2];
  • Increased demand for local services where previously international service provider rates are no longer affordable, including recruitment services; and
  • Prominence of online recruiting globally enabling social recruitment into niche online communities[3] providing access to speciality expertise independent of geographic locations.

Despite direct access to online recruiting sources throughout Africa the value of recruitment partners in difficult economic conditions should not be underestimated by employers. Unfortunately the ease of access to online recruiting mechanisms produces large quantities of applicants marketing themselves as the best candidates. An additional challenge to recruiting in Africa is that it has over 650-million mobile phone owners of which 85% are non-smartphone³ increasing the complexity and effort of mobile recruitment strategies. As the expert in your unique business strategy and resourcing requirements it is wise to align with a recruitment expert who understands the latest trends for placement in Africa and develop a cost-effective and focused recruitment strategy to attract only the best resources.

Posting a Vacancy

When posting a vacancy on an online recruitment site or social media platform it is important to consider the perception of your brand to local and global visitors to the sites. Skills, expertise, seniority and geographical classifications are only a few criteria to consider when using online recruiting mechanisms. Online Job boards are designed and supported by big databases but may not integrate with social media used by job seekers. The wide variety of social media platforms not only provide channels to different types of audiences it requires an understanding of the tone and the image being portrayed as well as expectations of the target market. In the age of information overload the first hundred characters need to attract the attention of a quick thinking graduate or they will lose interest before reading the job requirements. When recruiting blue collar workers SMS advertising and application processes are the most effective mechanism as these job seekers may not have easy access to a computer or internet³.

A recruitment partner who focuses on filling specific positions in your business is dedicated to monitoring trends in Africa and activity on social media and technology enabled job postings to provide feedback on developments in your market or geography, responses to the company image, encourage great candidates to explore additional opportunities and eliminate bad candidates early in the process to reduce time and money invested by the employer. A professionally handled recruitment process relays a positive image of the company to candidates and potential customers. When a recruitment partner has a sound understanding of the business culture this is communicated to potential candidates throughout Africa from initial contact to final placement, even rejection.

About Complement Recruitment – Employment Agency, Talent Staffing

We are a committed, resourceful and professional South African based head-hunter and recruiter passionate about growth within Africa. Our mission at Complement Recruitment is to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients and candidates. We have experience in multi-faceted industries focused on strategy, integration and growth development opportunities to deliver of superior quality service through intuitive response to the requirements of employers by ensuring cost alignment, identifying the right candidate that gets the job done right, increasing productivity, improvement in customer service, maintaining service delivery, supporting team effectiveness and cohesion, assessing long term investment and save money and time wasted on ‘bad hires’ and retraining. With us, you are working with a recruiter who truly understands your needs and your company.

We are dedicated to making opportunities in Africa available to experienced and excited candidates, looking for change and growth in their career, whether it is due to retrenchments or after 20 years’ service and loyalty it is time for a diverse change in their careers. Clients who are searching for the ideal candidate to join their team can partner with dedicated, resourceful and equally passionate recruiter to build a complimentary synergy. The relationship with your recruiter minimises future impacts and issues; should they arise. “As they say, if you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.”




Complement Recruitment | Employment Agency | Vacancies | Jobs | Hiring | Recruiter | Career
Complement Recruitment | Employment Agency | Vacancies | Jobs | Hiring | Recruiter | Career

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Complement Recruitment | Employment Agency | Vacancies | Jobs | Hiring | Recruiter | Career
Complement Recruitment | Employment Agency | Vacancies | Jobs | Hiring | Recruiter | Career

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