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CV Resume Tips For Job Seeker South Africans

The Employee Evolution, we know, If only some companies would realise that staying stuck in old behaviour patterns and “systems that have worked for years” and the “if it ain’t broke” mentality, they would be able to engage and attract new talent including developing a platform for strategy, simplicity and the change some industries may (desperately) need. Stay current, and stay flexible.

However, this is not always up for us to change, so the best we can do, is guide you on putting your best foot (CV) forward when applying for Jobs. – We’re just going to leave this here..


Simple, yet many forget the basics..

  1. Limit Formatting – No Tables, Columns, Word Art Images and Graphs – (it is an editing nightmare for our CV Templates – and increases the file size of your CV)
  2. Language – Only Submit your CV in English, Not Afrikaans, Xhosa etc. & remember to spellcheck before sending
  3. Personal Information – Rather use your Age not your SA ID Number – with fraud and identity theft it is a risky move
  4. Employment History – Most recent employment first & remember to include your reasons for leaving all employment history, as well as a Reference from each
  5. Updated CV – Ensure your CV has your latest contact information, emergency contact, reference & employment history